Prohibition logic also applies to ordinary

So, clearly the security authorities have huge concerns about the use of. Americans’ data, and if that extends to government officials, it’s clear that the same. Prohibition logic also applies to ordinary citizens. So, what’s the direction of this story? It is not an exaggeration to say that Tik Tok is a phenomenon among young people across the world. Originally launched as a video sharing platform for short videos, TikTok has become a complete video service with content available for all niches.

The app is available in over 150 countries

And has over 1 billion active users. So, it’s also not an exaggeration to say that banning TikTok for US citizens would be a huge loss for both the company and heavy users. It’s still hard to estimate which way things will go. I believe the best way is an agreement that the app is Poland Data to be able to separate the data of US users from China. Another possible alternative would be the sale of TikTok to a US company, as was already evaluated when the former US president, Donald Trump, tried to ban the app in 2020. This would be a way to make a US company able to control the data of US citizens, making the government safer regarding the use of the video application on US soil.

There are many private interests also involved

In this deal. The advertising world today is extremely assiduous on TikTok with its branding and marketing strategies. Certainly, a lot of people would lose out with a total ban on the app in the US. What remains for us is to continue following this case and hope for an outcome that is not so dramatic, especially for marketing professionals. Do you want to continue to be updated with Marketing best practices? I strongly suggest that Saudi Arabia Phone Number subscribe to The Beat, Rock Content’s interactive newsletter. There, you’ll find all the trends that matter in the Digital Marketing landscape. See you there! Share Kamila Dantas The holiday season is a time for family, food, celebrations… and sales.

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