Other issues with a project

Connect Modernize Recruitment Comments Leave a comment You must be logge in to post a comment. Headshot photo Bill Brantley 2017 Poor communication and poor stakeholder management should be separatd into two different categories. Poor communication is the number one reason projects fail followe by poor project team leadership. Log in to reply Andy Gravatt 2016 I think the number one reason projects fail. Is that we keep assigning project managers who don’t know much about project management. Because everything on this list can be fixe by a good project manager. There are a lot of similarities to Bill’s poor project team leadership.

Why do we always believe

That good management is something anyone can do without any training One day someone walks into a room and calls the best technician a manager and then we wonder why the project isn’t working well. Log in Japan Phone Number List to reply Chris Stinson 2016 Often projects are implemente without due diligence. Solutions are chosen before problems are analyzd or identifie. Log in to reply Mark Hammer 2016 What is often overlooke is continuity of leadership. Managers tend to be career minded people and often have their eyes on promotion elsewhere. Nothing kills a project more than a new head showing up midway who has different priorities not to mention the implicit knowledge of many of the factors Clarkson lists.

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Tuttle 2016 Great post. That pretty much sums up why projects let’s also impose the word contract fail. I agree with Bill’s earlier comment about poor communication. or contract will only get worse due to a lack of meaningful and timely communication. Silence doesn’t mean everything is rosy. Log in to reply Dana Bigby 2018-09-27 Great post I can Malaysia Phone Number use this when speaking to stakeholders on my projects. Log in to reply Nickette Kelcher 2018-09-26 On this point Here’s a great book for you If We Could Put a Man on the Moon Getting Big Things Done in Government. It’s a pleasure to read and there are a lot of historical lessons in it about how government initiatives have failed and succeeded.

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