When is open season

Executive Expert Next Sustainable Station to be Built in Pompano Beach Grey Logo Links to Home Government Circulation Help Privacy Policy Terms of Service Site Map Do Not Sell My Personal Information Preferences Project Management Understand Government Open Season What Is Open Season? Shannon Kennedy Year Month Day It’s officially open season now, and it’s time to review your health care plan and determine if it still meets your needs. What Is Open Season? Why It Matters We want to give you the ins and outs of open season so you can get acquainted with this time of year. First let’s answer some of the most basic but important questions about open season.

What exactly is open season

When new federal employees are hired they get to choose a health care plan. Federal Employee Health Benefits Program Open season is the time of year that federal employees are allowed to change their South Korea Phone Number List health care. Coverage options including dental and vision coverage. Why is open season important? It’s the time of year that existing employees. Can change their coverage options during life-changing events like getting married or having a baby. But other than that employees have to wait until open season to change their health insurance. I love my health insurance plan so open season doesn’t apply to me right? Not so fast.

You may be very happy

With your current health insurance plan which is great but it’s a good idea to at least do a little research. According to the Federal Open Season, most plans will see changes to benefits and rates in 2017. Some plans are exiting the plan while others are changing their service areas or coverage options. If nothing else take a look at your plan to make sure you know Thailand Phone Number what’s going to happen in 2017 and that it still meets your needs.  This year’s open season is from January to February. So be informed and don’t be afraid to change things up. That’s what open season is all about. The Learn About Government Open Season series is brought to you by.

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