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At this point, two possibilities open up for Apple: a search engine usable by everyone all over the world, or create it one that can only be used by owners of Apple devices or browsers, making it one more reason to buy iPhone, iPad and Mac.    than Applebot. Like other web crawlers, Applebot scans the web to determine how search results should be classified by different factors, including user involvement, relevance SEO even more and correspondence of search terms with the topics and contents of a page, the number of links a page has received from other websites and the characteristics of a page design.

Apple has updated its Applebot support

Document in July with new details:   Added how to Oman WhatsApp Number List check traffic from Applebot;  Extended details on the Applebot user agent, including the differences between its desktop and mobile version;  Expanded robots.txt rules;  Added a section which states that they do not just scan HTML, but that they also display pages similar to Google;   Added a section on SEO even more search rankings and factors that influence how it classifies web search results. Is an Apple search engine likely? What we have collected, of course, are clues (but not confirmations) that could mean that the Apple-branded search engine may already be operational.

Many SEOs and insiders are skeptical

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Google, Over the years, it has Philippine Phone Number accumulated a great deal of experience that has allowed it to become the main search engine and the most used one in the world. And it did so even if it wasn’t the first search engine to appear on the market. Of course, another search engine that could compete with Google . Would serve to break the planetary monopoly of the SEO even more  Mountain View company a little bit and perhaps make most of its activities on studying a single search engine. However, any possible updates are more likely to affect efforts than Apple to improve the results of Siri (the virtual assistant present on iOS and macOS) e Spotlight, the real-time search function developed by Apple and introduced first on Macs and then on all its devices.

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