Lead Log report shows the key queries

There is no large-scale brand advertising throughout the city. During the testing phase, the price per wire in the “Dental” direction is 2048 RUR, and in the “X-ray” direction the price is 510 RUR. The average CPC is 79.5₽. The Call tracking shows Callibri report analyzes calls to determine the quality of requests without feedback from sales and looks for things that need tweaking. Snippet from EZHL’s Unified Lead Log report shows the key queries that brought customers to the site and also includes call logs. The distribution of requests during the first three months is as follows: 84.02% – phone calls, 15.98% – applications.

 Based on this data, we optimized

From the phone calls we learned what customers care about most: price, service, professionalism of craftsmen, safety and evidence of high-quality work, i.e. reviews. the campaign: We French Email List up the semantics, disabled expensive keywords and increased bids for effective word groups. We disabled the key set related to dental implants – this direction has a high eCPL cost, and due to limited budget we decided to keep only the “braces installation” direction and general queries such as “dentistry in Nizhny Novgorod”, “Children’s Dentist” etc. We replaced the text and title of the ad and calculated the most profitable offer for the target audience.

Adjusted CR increased 2% year over

address two key requirements of your target audience: quality and price. For example, a price freeze – where service costs remain at 2022 levels. More promotional offers and offers indicate India Email List availability of European equipment and the work of leading doctors of the Nizhny Novgorod region.  year. received by the company through your advertising Learn more Results After three months of work, the following indicators have improved: The total price of leads in the direction .

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