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You have the option to reduce the bandwidth requirement by compressing the sitemap file using gzip, but you need to make sure that, after decompressing the file, the size still does not exceed 10Mb. Why you need to have an XML sitemap The main reason you should create and publish your XML sitemap to the root root of your site is for indexing. This means that a sitemap increases the chances of indexing , particularly if the navigation or general internal link building strategy does not connect all the pages, but search engines do not necessarily follow the commands written within it faithfully.

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Website may not even Ecuador WhatsApp Number List have a sitemap in the main root, but rely exclusively on search engine crawlers for crawling. What is an XML Sitemap and why it is important First let’s talk about XML and sitemaps and why they are so important when using SEO to index a website on search engines. The XML format is a markup language that defines syntax for encoding documents that both humans and computers can read.  . A website map allows search engines like Google to find, crawl and index website pages knowing that.

Ideally  an XML Sitemap should be added to the website’s root directory

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All URLs in the sitemap Australia Email List must come from the same host.    So pages should not redirect or return an error status. The maximum length of URLs is 2,048 characters. While it may seem possible to manipulate  is .  If your frequency and priority tags don’t reflect reality, search engine crawlers are likely to ignore them. All URLs in the sitemap must come from the same host. You may need multiple XML . Sitemaps if you have more than 50,000 URLs in a site or if a Sitemap exceeds 10Mb.

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