Search engines an estimate of how often they should crawl the page

While search engines can still technically find pages without a sitemap. Adding a sitemap makes it much easier for them to crawl. You may have orphaned pages¬† pages that have been left out of your internal linking . Or pages that are harder to find. Your sitemap is especially important when you’re adding pages . Or have created a whole new site that doesn’t yet have many. If any, links. Sitemaps also help search engines crawl your pages more. Intelligently by taking tags into account, adjusting their crawl frequency accordingly. And allowing you to be more proactive in having search spiders visit your pages.

Increasing a page’s priority level makes it more likely

That pages will be crawled Egypt WhatsApp Number List and indexed more frequently and before other. Less important parts of the site itself. If you have an international geo-targeted site , or a site that . Has the same page translated into multiple languages. You can use your XML sitemap to your advantage. Because putting hreflang tags in your sitemap tells crawlers that you have multiple versions of the same one page. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Search engines can use this information to ensure they present the right version to users based on language and or location.

XML Sitemap example Now let’s look at a real XML

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Sitemap example to Brazil Email List analyze. Here is our example sitemap.xml:¬† Our site is built using WordPress , and the sitemap.xml is generated using the plugin Inside this XML file, you find the main index file that hosts all the sitemaps for the pages and posts. There are many WordPress plugins for creating sitemaps and often you may see some other columns of data in the sitemap as well: last mod is the data by which this page was last modified. changefreq represents how often the page is expected to be updated with new content. This value gives e (although, it doesn’t mean it will be followed). urlset xms encapsulates the XML file and refers to the current xml version in use. Depending on the structure of your website, you may find other folder structures that can be created such as products, services, and so on.

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