Here’s a summary straight from LinkedIn

How Does it Work? Here’s a summary straight from LinkedIn themselves: “These articles begin as AI-powered conversation starters, developed with our editorial team. Then, using LinkedIn’s Skills Graph, we match each article. With relevant member experts who can contribute their lessons, anecdotes, and Here’s a summary advice based on their professional experience.” Instead of members having to think up topics, AI does the work for them, in conjunction with LinkedIn’s editorial team, to ensure nothing untoward gets through as a topic.

A select number of relevant experts

Will then be invited to post and add whatever they think under the topic. Members can like and react, and ask to be added so that they too can contribute their thoughts, advice, and India Data opinions. Pros and Cons According to LinkedIn, “Members possess a mind-blowing ~10 billion years of professional experience. Billions of trials and experiments, of mistakes and successes, in nearly every country and every industry.

We can see their point

That is an incredible knowledge storage and being able to tap into that sounds like a fantastic idea. But is it all sunshine and digital roses, or will there be a downside too? Pros: 1) Wide Indonesia Phone Number range of topics AI can come up with far more topics and ideas in a much shorter time than humans ever could. This could lead to an explosion of content on LinkedIn with a discussion of far more subjects than the platform currently has.

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