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Health and trust levels, White wrote in his article. White is in the final year of pursuing two degrees simultaneously, a master’s in public policy and a doctor of law, both from the University of California, Berkeley.  on the Domestic Policy Council in the second Obama administration. He interne at the White House Office of Management and Budget during his first summer in graduate school and is excite to be back in the executive office. With his paper, the Social Innovation Fund for Implementing Effective Bottom-Up Solutions won second place with $1.5 million. Cifuentes said he will put the $1.5 million into the Social Innovation Fund.

Through the distribution of funds

The funds will flow to local communities and be matche by grantees and sub-grantees, allowing the $1.5 million in funds to benefit a wider range of people. In addition to the fund’s huge marginal Mexico Phone Number List benefits, the program targets the most critical poverty areas. Through organizations such as AIDS United and regional chapters of the Unite Way, the federal government can provide funds directly to local communities to help population areas that do not receive the necessary national attention. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel but to leverage already establishe and effective organizations to avoid creating more layers of bureaucratic red tape, explaine Sifuentes.

Currently pursuing a master’s

Degree in public administration at Texas A&M University. He said he chose to study public service and management because he believes public service is a tool for change. He is Colombian and New Zealand Phone Number the only international student selecte as a finalist. He won third place for his paper “Local Government Grant Program” with a prize of $100 million. The paper propose that the $100 million be usd to create a new grant program to provide funding to communities that have misse out on much-neede assistance. “I believe that the inherent social value of government is to establish services that are necessary to meet basic human needs.

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