Google was born and this methodology was used to circumvent

Webmaster Trends Analysts at Google, said in a July 2019 tweet: “There’s no such thing as LSI keywords — anyone who’s telling you otherwise is mistaken, sorry.” “There are no Google was born  LSI keywords — anyone who says otherwise is wrong, sorry.” It is no wonder reading these words written by a technician who works on the development of a machine that evolves day by day, because the concept of Latent Semantic Indexing is considered obsolete .

LSI began to be talked about in 1988

When this indexing technique Bahrain WhatsApp Number List was designed to manage databases . Well before the internet and search engines were the ones we use today. About ten years later the problem of Google was born  keyword stuffing , but now this seems like an outdated system.  Given the advancement of the algorithm in understanding texts. Why create content with LSI keywords?  But you will have a clearer idea of ​​why SEO specialists are dragging their mouse when discussing this topic. It’s time to put aside, without forgetting,

the field of technical optimization of websites

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Put your feet up in the field in Australia Telegram Number List which . I work and in which words semantically related to a main keyword become really important. Those like me who write texts from an SEO perspective for various . Web platforms (blogs, sites, e-commerce , landing pages , etc…) must see Latent . Semantic Indexing as a concept around which to build content. My vision as a copywriter or content writer makes me consider the . LSIs fundamental for today’s Content Marketing and SEO , because, although . The period of keyword stuffing seems far away. Sometimes one can fall Google was born  into the mistake of thinking that a keyword inserted in . The title and several times in the body of.  The text is sufficient to make the topic known to Google and the user. In my opinion, the main keyword is the foreground subject of my content. But the synonyms, related keywords and LSI words are what make the background clear and, therefore.  Increase the value of the text giving it clarity and completeness .

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