Door Knob The Funnel For CPG Businesses

This funnel scheme features high engagement but low curiosity. This funnel occurs above all in CPG companies called package goods such as quick and low-cost purchases such as shopping to buy cocacola . In this funnel, users don’t waste time searching for information and evaluating options. Purchases are frequent and repeated. Given the great competition, communicative positioning is essential to stand out from the competitionwe Latest Mailing Database are. Purchases are often instantaneous and impulsive, driven by low prices and huge promotions. Product availability is a very important factor


  • Great expectations
  • Low propensity to brand loyalty
  • Lots of competition in the market and aggressive marketing

Goldfish: the funnel for B2B and high-priced B2C products

Latest Mailing Database

This funnel is characterized by a high level of curiosity and is mainly found for B2B businesses. Customers check a lot of information before buying, they need to ask questions and talk to customer service , get recommendations on which partner to choose. Competitors have difficulty differentiating themselves. The purchasing process itomers and companies are highly specialized and there is a need for a great deal of knowledge about the product. It happened to find this funnel also in the B2C with businesses based on very high product prices but with great competition such as the travel sector



  • Long research phase before buying
  • Inclusion of many partners in the process
  • Commodity supply
  • Similar positioning among competitors

Trumphet: funnel for luxury businesses

related to business “lifestyle” such as luxury cars, watches, etc. It is characterized by a high degree of affinity using influencers and communicative positioning to empathize with the brand. Reputation is essential and for this reason the buying process is very simple.


  • Enticed to buy
  • They trust in the quality of the brand
  • Motorcycles influenced by word of mouth

Funnel: funnel for commercial activities

this funnel must be based on increasing the level of commitment and affinit

Do you know why most marketing strategies fail? After many years of experience I have come to the conclusion that the answer is consistency . Only by respecting the order of the steps in the funnel is it possible to be consistent with the consumer, to influence the more unconscious aspects of the purchase such as trust, empathy, security which then allow us to be able to make our strategies work. Only through the concept of funnel is it ICTP Conference 2017 ossible to obtain excellent resuis great chaos that is web marketing. Millions of campaigns, millions of marketing channels and a single theoretical model that summarizes and orders them.

  • Upper funnel: display campaigns ranging by age and gender interests based on the analysis of our target or look alike campaigns similar to facebook type.
  • Middle funnel: no-brand campaigns that reach out to people who have an interest in our business
  • Lower funnel : brand campaigns that attract users who have already decided to buy from us or remarketing campaigns like the ones before on the abandoned cart.

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