Friday deals well before the actual date

MARKET INTELLIGENCE 11. Waiting Too Late to Launch Campaigns Even if you have a beautiful, well-researched, and well-rounded campaign, it can all be for nothing if you wait too long for it to launch. Awareness-level emails and earlier sale dates like a Black Friday Preview Sale can help to market your Black Friday deals well before the actual date. Waiting too late can mean that customers have already mentally allocated their budget to other brands, or have found similar deals to yours in other companies and have made an internal commitment to your competitors. 12. Thinking Urgency Will Create Itself One of the reasons Black Friday is such a successful day for shopping and sales year and year again is the urgency of the date. The fear of missing incredible deals during this one-a-year sales event creates a real psychological trigger in shoppers to purchase fast. If your marketing strategy doesn’t play into the resource scarcity and urgency created, you can lose out on impulse buys. Try tricks like a countdown clock, deal expiration times, “today only” messaging, or product stock limits to help push your audiences to buy.

Assuming Customers Will Come to You

Just like marketers will often think urgency will create itself, they also will think that customers will automatically come to them on Black Friday. After all, won’t loyal customers of your brand search for the Black Friday deals you’re offering? Even loyal brand advocates can be overwhelmed by the number of Singapore Data and deals available during Black Friday, and without getting your message and deal information in front of them, you can be lost in the mix. Never assume that your customers are going to come to you — it’s your job to create ads, campaigns, and touchpoints that will guide customers to your store. 14. Forgetting Cyber Monday With the term “Black Friday” thrown around all the time during the end of the year, some brands completely forget about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a relatively new shopping day that falls on the immediate Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a day known for online shopping, so many traditional brick-and-mortar brands forget to include it.

However, you don’t want to hurt your

Black Friday shoppers by offering better deals on Cyber Monday. One tip is to pick different products to focus on for each event so you can spread out shopping and avoid offending customers by offering a better deal on a different day. Another good tip is to think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as two Switzerland Phone Number in a single event. Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales should work together to offer deals to customers on both days and use different messaging to capture the nuances in tone of each shopping day. 15. Internal Miscommunications A strong Black Friday strategy doesn’t just look at your communication with customers, but at your internal communication as well. The end of the year can be the most stressful for your team. Not only are they putting together Black Friday deals, but they are also customers of other brands at the same time. In addition to the stress from work, employees also want to enjoy time off with family or to take vacations around holidays.

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