Fitting to paraphrase Eduardo De Filippo’s famous phrase

Making the context explicit helps the search engine understand if the content is right for the query typed or dictated verbally by the user. To give a completely personal conclusion to this diatribe, I think it is  ” being Fitting to paraphrase superstitious is ignorant, but not being so is bad luck “, bringing it into the digital marketing and SEO sector : “Using LSI keywords is useless, but not using them penalizes you in SERP. you ready to rank on Google with those 10 keywords you daydream about.

 You are not familiar with search engine optimization

This statute of ours will Belarus WhatsApp Number List probably seem a bit paradoxical to you. What you need to know, however, is that reducing the role of organic optimization to Fitting to paraphrase the mere positioning of “interesting” keywords is simply paradoxical . We’ll immediately explain why. Choosing an SEO agency in 2024 You will no doubt have noticed that search results pages (or SERPs, Search Engine Result Pages ) have changed for some time now. Look at how many and what ways Google, Bing and other search engines use to serve the most suitable results to their users: videos , shopping boxes , images , zero – click results (if you don’t know what they are.

let’s talk about all those cases in which it is not necessary

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To enter a web page, because the search engine Brazil Telegram Number List provides the answer to . The user directly on the results page). And now, think about how generative artificial intelligence. Will once again change the way users will search  be careful, they won’t find , but they will search . For the information they need in the SERPs. Search engine optimization has evolved exponentially since it was only focused on words. Fitting to paraphrase SEO is today a digital marketing tool in all respects. It must be integrated into a complete Digital strategy which, if well managed, can help you on many levels. Generating Brand Awareness , bringing quantitative and qualitative traffic , providing assistance to advertising platforms . In addition, of course, to generating leads , conversions and capturing user attention .

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