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This is the first of my two-part primer on the business case and how to go green.  Case is High-Stakes The federal government has a tremendous responsibility to accomplish critical missions while carefully managing scarce taxpayer-fundd resources. According to federal government data, federal executive branch agencies prepare nearly $1 billion in capital asset business cases each year. Consultants help build many of these business cases.  of the business case are critical to raising funds to achieve institutional goals. Cases are scord base on pre-determine criteria and rating criteria by capital planning investment controls and project or project office or even subject matter.

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Agency before final submission. Cases are rate on the scorecard from re with problems, to yellow with improvements, to green with good. However this case is more than just a UAE Phone Number List report card it is a working tool that promotes continuous improvement. The credibility and quality of information is therefore critical, especially since public-facing federal dashboards continuously report and monitor investment progress. In other words a bad rating on a dashboard indicates to the public that a publicly funded investment is underperforming or was not a smart investment in the first place. A green scorecard means getting the basics right. The elements of your business case are aligne with the type of information you would typically query when investing in capital assets.

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Below are some key areas

Of actual business cases from recent fiscal year budget cycles Project Summary National Mission and Strategic Goals Plan Project Management Show Project’s Charter Organization and Resource China Phone Number Procurement Strategy List Procurement Information Supporting Project Operations Performance Layout Activity Metrics and Reporting Frequency Security For investments, ensure that safety requirements are met. Keep up-to-date and accurate tracking of systems in inventory to ensure appropriate investments Privacy assesses how investments meet privacy requirements Enterprise architecture links investments such as services to the organizational blueprint of assets.

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