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So in the words of Harry Truman it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. Recognize employees for their outstanding work by giving them due credit and receiving rewards. About Yes and President of Change Management Company. He helps clients be responsive, focused and effective to drive sustainable growth. Email Website LinkedIn Twitter Blog Tags Budget Employee Engagement Performance Recognition Retention Rewards Strategy Related Content Data comes into play. Data comes into play. Abstract image of a person and shapes around the brain making mental health awareness a priority Leave a comment You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Thanks Log in to reply Scott Spann Leadership Program Management Deluding Ourselves and Paying a High Price Katherine Schafer N/D While the saga surrounding the Penn State sex abuse Bahrain Phone Number List scandal will and should continue As people come to accept the horrific series of events that occurred, I find myself looking for any good that can be derivd from this disturbing series of inactions. Those in positions of authority. Unfortunately what happened in Happy Valley is the epitome of the great myth we continue to live in our country – that even if we the people wouldn’t do the same thing those in power will do the right thing. The American public has long wante to believe that the choices they make in their daily lives do not affect.

The way our leaders

Behave let alone affect the quality of the society in which we live. of a person low on the hierarchical totem pole failing to take the correct action and contact authorities immediately. The fact that his superiors were notified and they seemed content to bypass notifying authorities and instead pass the proverbial responsibility onto the chain of Hong Kong Phone Number command is distasteful. Yet somehow the way these individuals look in the mirror every day does not seem to reflect cowardly and selfish behavior but rather a distorted view that they have fulfilled their obligations to their employer’s football program and involvement in the alleged foundation’s programs by informing those involved in the alleged foundation’s programs.

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