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The whole thing was a little chaotic when a lot of fake accounts start impersonating brands and relevant identities in the app. So, it became clear very quickly that. Twitter wasn’t ready to start selling the blue stamp, and Elon. Musk took a step back and “killed” Twitter. Blue just a few hours after launching it. But, just long enough to establish better (and solid) criteria to avoid chaos, and re-launched it a month later. Now, it’s official: any. Twitter account that meets its eligibility criteria will be able to purchase the blue. checkmark starting at $8 per month and will become a verified account. And, this time, it looks like Twitter Blue is here to stay: Twitter’s Help. Center already refers to the previous criteria (that one based on authenticity) as “legacy” .

And what can we expect from it moving forward?

Since Twitter’s first attempt to charge for the blue stamp flopped, it seems daring to see Twitter (and now Meta!) insisting on this path. But, if we dive deeper, every movement has a reason – and for Twitter Blue and Meta Verified, it’s not any different. A recent forecast from Magna, a media investment firm from Oman Data Interpublic Group of Cos.’ With that in mind, it makes sense to see these two giants trying to find other ways to generate revenue. This time, via subscriptions. A fun fact is that TikTok remains with the same old verified criteria – the platform that grew the most in 2022 still hasn’t placed its bet on paid verification.

Coincidence I don’t think so

Anyway, regardless of the reason that led us into this, we are entering a New Era for social media. In the GDPR era, this approach fits like a glove. Authenticity is for later This one wasn’t too hard to guess, but social media platforms are not rewarding users exclusively based on authenticity anymore. Worse: they Qatar Phone Number are putting a price on it. It is still early to say, but this can change the whole dynamic we are already used to. On Twitter, for example, tweets with more engagement used to appear at the top of the conversation – now it will cost you only $8 per month to do so. But if everyone starts paying for it, what will happen, then? Will authenticity come back into the equation?

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