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Everyone has their own email reading habits, it seems. I have known some individuals who absolutely need to read every single email that comes through their inbox. Even their spam folder has them curious enough to check through it. They simply can’t stand to see an outstanding number next to their inbox. Others might have completely opposite habits, like those inbox zero folks. They have to read, sort and/or delete everything in their inbox.

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I have hundreds of unread emails in my inbox. If it isn’t telegram data from someone or something important, I won’t read it. Rarely ever do subject lines convince me enough to click on something that I know is just a newsletter or spam. The 6 Different Email User Types Kevin Fox, former UX designer of the Gmail team at Google, has shed some light on this subject before.

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Google identified six different types of email USA Phone Number List users according to their common habits rather than demographic differences. Unfortunately, that information is proprietary to Google. But, in doing some research, we found clues as to what some of these users might be: 1. Unorganized These users just have email to get emails. They aren’t labeling, they don’t delete, and they certainly don’t read everything.