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On International Women’s Day, D’Gitais has prepared a very Brazil is the seventh special article about 7 businesses created by women for women. More than ever, female entrepreneurship continues to advance throughout the country and today, they number more than 30 million professionals, within a universe of 52 million entrepreneurs.

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we are more than half of Advertising Data Brazilian entrepreneurs! Brazil is the seventh And it doesn’t stop there, according to a survey by Global   Entrepreneurship Monitor,   the most female entrepreneurs. So, it’s time to check out our list of 7 entrepreneurs who do business by women for women. Enjoy reading!


Utopia female entrepreneurship


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Created in 2017 by journalist Renata Rizzi, Utopiar is a sustainable and socially impactful fashion brand, focused   on the fight to end domestic violence.

The business helps generate income for Afghanistan Phone Number List women who are victims of violence through sewing: the entrepreneur partners with non-governmental organizations that refer women from shelters and women’s advocacy centers to participate in workshops. In this way, these women learn dyeing, sewing and embroidery techniques with the aim of producing handmade pieces.  PantiesDuda and Emily are two Brazilian Brazil is the seventh entrepreneurs who founded Pantys , a brand of absorbent panties that is revolutionizing the way women deal with their menstrual cycle.