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Recognizing employee performance goes a long way. Real-life examples of employee recognition at work. After publishing this article I went to run some lunchtime errands. One of the stores I went to was Michael’s. I looked up as I was waiting in line at the checkout line. on the wall behind the cash register. The board is decorated with various crafts and colors. Photos of store employees are posted on bulletin boards with handwritten notes posted on them. The notes come from store managers and other employees who recognize the performance of those employees who posted the photos and thank them for a job well done. The bulletin board is titled Employee Recognition Bulletin Board Store.

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A picture of me as a cashier on the blackboard. I pointed to the blackboard and told her I saw your picture on it. Congratulations she smiled and blushed a little and said oh yes thank you. I couldn’t help but ask Belize Phone Number List her if that kind of recognition for a job well done would make you more excited to work here and do your best and her answer was absolutely yes. The holidays are coming and things are starting to get crazy. Although I really don’t mind staying up late helping stock items and being helpful because I know it means a lot to my managers and coworkers. I smiled and said keep working hard. Employee Recognition Candy Have a question about employee engagement and recognition.

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Questions asked before implementing a recognition strategy and our answers. What recognition means to your employees. It means they see that your organization and leadership care enough to Indonesia Phone Number reward you. Staff who do a great job. This in turn means they feel more valued and appreciated. Employees tend to stay with an organization longer when they feel valued and appreciated. They also tend to speak highly of the organization to customer stakeholders and peers thus increasing positive PR. They also tend to be more committed to achieving organizational goals. How does this benefit me as an organization in a nutshell Reduced turnover Increased retention Increased engagement and productivity.

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