Black Friday is the greatest shopping

Brands often find their biggest sales months happen at the end of the year, which can add additional stress to marketers trying to create the most effective digital marketing campaigns. And since Black Friday is the greatest shopping day of the year, smart brands are already planning their approach to get in on the action. But from all this, one thing is certain: with so much money at stake, I believe it is practically impossible for the USA and ByteDance not to reach an agreement on how to continue to market TikTok in the United States in a safe way for both sides.

But far too many brands spend

Their time, effort, and ultimately their money on the wrong things. This is a list of the 16 biggest Black Friday mistakes businesses often make to help you avoid errors and Qatar Data accordingly to make the most of the season. 1. Focusing Only on Discounts 2. Targeting the Wrong Customers 3. Not Diversifying Audiences 4. Not Planning Ahead 5. Letting Abandoned Carts Sit 6. Leaving Audiences to Fend for Themselves 7. Only Creating “Holiday” Offers 8. Underestimating Online Sales 9. Thinking You Don’t Need a Full Campaign 10. Not Collecting Customer Data 11. Waiting Too Late to Launch Campaigns 12. Thinking Urgency Will Create Itself 13. Assuming Customers Will Come to You 14. Forgetting Cyber Monday 15. Internal Miscommunications 16. Being Unrealistic Wrap-Up: Now You are Ready to Avoid these Black Friday Mistakes 1. Focusing Only on Discounts Many brands and marketers assume that discounts are the only way to go on Black Friday.

After all, markdowns and special low prices are often

The number one attraction for customers looking to get a great deal. However, there are many other types of deals you can offer that can bring even more business in through the door. Here are a few ideas you can try instead of plain discounts: BOGO Sales Buy one get one, or BOGO sales, are a great way to draw in customers who want to get the most for their money. Your BOGO sale can be a buy one, get one free, or a buy one, get one Singapore Phone Number off deal, but the main attraction is the perceived savings customers get. Just make sure your sale is for items people are going to want multiples of.

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